Okay, while reading Lynne’s blog today – I about died laughing – until I went to My Virtual Model myself. Hmmm, can you say diet?

Here I am in all my virtual glory!

I put clothes on her to hide the hips and thighs!! Please notice there is no rotating allowed here like there is in Virtual Model World. They also did not have an option for “big round boo-tay” either – so she is not very realistic!! LOL Now, for the “more mature” button – it needs to be more mature! Nose wider? What are there any other choices? Stop by and see what Virtual Lynne is doing – maybe Virtual Lynne and Virtual Kat should start a Virtual Knitting Group. They can discuss the pros and cons of virtual existance! Imagine it – in the virtual world there is no laundry to do. Just point and click to get a new outfit!! Also, loosing weight would be just a click away – vanish those hips for an evening!! Also, having a bad hair day? Non-existant in Virtual World – just click on another do and away you go!!

There might be some merits to this Virtual World – hmmmm, bring me another Virtual Cinnamon Roll….

LOL. Have a great evening everyone!! Oh, and if you go make a Virtual You, drop me a line so Virtual Me can come visit you!!

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