Hello everyone!  Does everyone feel like the weekend just flies by – with all the catch up you do from the week?  I cannot believe that Saturday is almost over!  I have almost all the laundry done, house cleaned, planted some flowers, and started a NEW blog!

 Welcome to my new blog.  I enjoy blogging, but it is so hard to figure out the email of the commenter on blogspot – I made the decision to move over here to wordpress.  Thank you all for following me over here.  If you comment now, you will get a response back from me! 

My oldest graduates on June 4th.  You may not all be aware that we have a very strained relationship.  She does not live with me – and has not for years.  Mother’s Day was not so great – she did not want to see me or even speak to me.  It is painful to talk about – but, this may be good therapy.  Things began to go downhill with her in 6th grade.  She has anorexia nervosa – and by the time she was in 8th grade we had her in weekly counseling sessions, dietician appointments, doctor appointments.  It was 9 months of hell.  On Good Friday 2004- of all days – her father called me to tell me that Rachel would not be coming back to my house.  Lack of support from him has enabled her to stay there.  I have struggled with a relationship with her ever since.  Oh – she comes over for Christmas and her siblings bring her her birthday gift – but I have measured minutes, not free access.  Her eating disorder has resurfaced recently and I have been an outsider watching her loose weight.  She wants nothing to do with religion – although I pray fervently for her.  This is the main reason she moved out – she did not want to participate in “organized religion”. 

Back to what I originally wanted to talk about – Rachel is graduating – and I have been uncertain if I will even be invited to any of the festivities surrounding that.  I am not having a party for her at my home – she would not come.  My ex has graciously asked me to “help” with the festivities at his home.  I will bite my tongue and help.  I am going to invite disaster as well – I am inviting some family and friends.  If you hear fireworks on the 10th of June – you will know it is just me! 

On to a happier subject – things are moving nicely along with my “dinner companion”!  Heidi has her last concert of the year – the All City Concert is Sunday -and Ken is going with me!  Yes, he has met my kids – or at least 2 of my kids.  Heidi and Sam both give him a “thumbs up”.   Sam went today and helped Ken with mowing the yard – in exchange for a ride in Ken’s classic vehicle.  I don’t know what kind of vehicle it is, but Sam was all excited – it is red and FAST!  Ken is playing Texas Hold ‘Em tonight – so I have the Indydog here.  Indy, Copper, and Penny get along nicely – although Miss Noel is not so sure she likes him! 

 Hope you are all having a great weekend – my evening is going to revolve around knitting and watching Grey’s Anatomy and ER that I “tivo’ed” this week.  That – and coloring my hair!  Later everyone!

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