Here are the promised photo’s from our Lansing Trek!


Here is Lynne and one of the Lansing knitters.  I apologize, I do not remember her name!  Can you see some of the yarny goodness that surrounded us at Woven Arts?


Here is Sarah and some of her knitting friends – Sarah is working on her “Faith Jacket”!  Two of the ladies in the group are expecting! 


More of the Lansing Knitters!  In the left corner – Ewe-niss and Sharon


More Lansing Knitters!  It was just such a great ending to an amazing day!  Thank you ladies, one and all! 

** Edited to add:

FYI everyone – the look on poor Lynne’s face was the shock of finding out that yours truly has a tattoo!!  I know, stop the presses!!  There was a lively discussion about tattoo’s that evening.  As an added bonus for all my Lansing friends – if I loose a bit more weight, I am going to get another tattoo!!  Now you can all leave your comments about where you think I will get this new tattoo.  There might be yarny goodness to the correct guesser (is that even a word????)  Ewe-niss, you have me laughing hysterically here at work – when I should be working!!!! 

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