Hello everyone – can it really be August?  This summer is just flying by – rapidly!  We had some much needed rain last night – a nice, slow, all-night rain.  It rained most of the morning as well.  I think this is the first rain we have had in several months.  So, even though it is a weekend, rain is quite okay!

 Sitting inside and knitting is a great way to pass a rainy day – in fact, it seems nicer than sitting and knitting on a sunny day.  With the sun out, there seemed to be a project that called to me when I was knitting – you know, weed the gardens, wash windows, take the dogs for a walk – take me for a walk!

So, here on this first rainy day of the summer – it was very nice to have no conflict – okay, maybe my kitchen floor is calling me – but I can easily ignore it!  So, I have been working on my “something black” and my mystery stole – I am well into clue 3 – and I am enjoying this project!  PLUS -Melanie revealed our theme – Swan Lake – and the fact that our stole will not be symetrical – guess what this means to me!!!  I won’t have to “break” out all the beads I erroneously placed!!  The other half will be different – thus, no one but me (and you, gentle readers) will know.  I have been kicking my heels up with this pleasant surprise all weekend, since finding out! 

The days are marching on toward school – and I have to sit down with my teacher friend – we are going to be teaching the “money strategies” class together again.  I help with the portion that has to do with credit, lending, and loans.  It is a tremendous amount of fun – teaching Mr. A’s middle school classes.  I can hardly believe that in 4 short weeks, school will be back in session!!

 I picked up the  25th anniversary edition of Vogue Knitting – while there have been some very mixed reviews on Ravelry regarding this issue – I myself, enjoyed it a tremendous amount.  Being a fairly new knitter – August brings my 3rd Knitaversary – I enjoyed Vogue reminiscing about past issue “must knits” – they redid them with a new yarn – making them new again.  Some readers did not enjoy this, but I loved the direction of find a yarn and knit!!  If you have not seen it, I would most definately pick up this issue!

I got the new IK in the mail on Friday – there are some goodies in there as well.  I looked at this issue using some of the Vogue techniques – find a yarn and knit!  There are several patterns that I think I can knit from my stash!! 

This makes me eager for fall – a change of seasons – and more inside time – knitting time!  This and I am dreadfully sick of television reruns – and equally sick of the summer “filler” shows that are even worse than reruns!  Bring on Autumn!! 

 So, as we all experience the Dog Days of Summer – fall is just around the corner.  Have a good week everyone!

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