Or why you should not knit on cold medication!

Hello everyone.  Summer is winding down and with it I have come down with the mother of all colds.  I am living on cold medicine and my poor brain is in a fog.

Now, knowing all that – what on earth possessed me to pull out my “Wing O’ the Moth Shawl” and work on it.

Count me as an idiot – no life line was anywhere to be found in the rows I had previously completed.

I tried “tinking” a bit – okay, that did not work either.

The end result – off to the frog pond for me!

I was not too far – but far enough that it was a painful experience.

This caused me to  stop and ponder the value of a life line.  Some days it would be awesome to have a life line in REAL life.  Imagine this with me a minute, dear readers…

This would help tremendously at work – when a problem pops up, all you would need to do would be to pull back to the point where there was no problem.  Great idea huh?  I could have used this life line on Friday – work can be complicated when there is more than ONE person involved.  To “tink” back and remove the subsequent involved parties – what an awesome thing that would be.

This caused me to think even further – imagine being able to “tink” back to remove ex’s from your life!  Now, would this be awesome or what!!!  The glee one could experience in that bit of “tinking” would be something to savor!!

How about the ability to “tink” back to take back those stupid things I say – you know – the “open mouth, insert foot” comments!   Another good idea, no?

The possibilities are endless, are they not?

Oh for a little “tinking” in some areas of life!

Have a good weekend all – I am heading back to bed.  Here is to being “cold free” by Monday!

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