Hello Everyone!

How on earth do we all find ourselves looking at September arriving this weekend.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were all celebrating the Memorial Day Weekend and ushering in summer? 

What a strange feeling to have the “official end” to white shoes arriving this weekend.  Heck, I have not even put on my white shoes yet this year!

Wait a minute…I don’t even own any white shoes!! 

One thing I am NOT looking forward to is having to put away sandals and summery tops and sun screen!! 

I am, however looking forward to sweater weather and cool nights and Clapotis weather! 

You know – the days that the sun shines so brightly – warming up everything and the evenings that get cool and crisp – good weather for pulling out a wrap or throwing on an extra layer. 

I have noticed, also, that the markets are all carrying an abundance of mums in a riot of colors – rich, deep, vibrant colors.  Kaffe Fasset colors.  They have been drawing my eye to their intense beauty. 

I also have been eyeing some fall yarns – some out in the marketplace and some from my stash!  New patterns and cool nights make for some knitting inspiration in my house. 

I have also been working on spinning – some of my gentle readers gave me some excellent pointers that have paid off tremedously.  Each time is pick up the drop spindle, it feels more familiar in my hands.  I no longer have 10 thumbs, but some fingers that are listening to what my brain is saying – slowly but surely!!  This is a whole new level of creativity for me!  And, I am really enjoying it so much!!

I have a long list of things that I want to accomplish – but I am so thankful that this month was productive at work.  Productive and profitable! 

Have a good weekend everyone – enjoy!!

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