Hello Everyone – keep those kitty names coming – comments will be open until noon tomorrow!  The winner will be announced next week!  You have sent in some great names!! 

I have signed up for NaBloPoMo – that’s right – it is November!  If you hurry there will still be time to get in on the fun. 

Speaking of fun – I got my package from the lovely Leah!  Check this out – this month’s Secret Swap theme was “Take your pal to the movies”  and look were Leah is taking me!  The Prestige – hmmm, have not seen it!  Looks good!!  You will find me curled up this weekend watching this and knitting!  She included some other goodies in the package – a great little bag filled with Burt’s Bee’s treats, some amazing Green & Black’s Organic Bittersweet chocolate.  Ladies, this stuff has 70% cocoa content in it – that makes it heart healthy!  I love eating chocolate to lower my cholesterol!!  She also sent me some Organic Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn – wow, they make organic popcorn???  Who’d of thunk that you could get healthy with secret pal gifts?! 

She did not scrimp on the yarny goodies either!  Check this out…..

Rooks Farm Superwash wool/silk/viscose blend in a truly “Magic” colorway.  Very nice!

And, if that was not enough – she sent me a skein of Feece Artist – Spring Colorway.

Wow Leah, I love each and every thing you sent!  I will send you my movie review and let you know how I liked the film!

Hope your Halloween was safe and filled with fun!  Have a great evening everyone.

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