Hello Everyone!  Hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was filled with much to be thankful for!  

Now, with Christmas looming LARGE in front of me.  I have visions of knits dancing in my head!  Many visions of knits!!  You see, I have this stash that is coming in quite usefully right now! 

Who knew!! 

Hint to all knitters – don’t ever let anyone give you grief over the size of your stash. 

 Tell them that you are saving up for a “rainy day”. 

No job = stash knitting!  Very happy stash knitting too.

Now, on to the photo’s!

I did spin up some pencil roving I got from Friends of Wool.  This is some nice stuff!  Merino – and it is a dream to spin!  This was a crazy orange, red, yellow colorway – boy, this is just my colorway!   I got another bag of some great greens – this will become the Chevron Scarf from Weekend Knits – for me!!  My handspun, hand knit up!  This will not be started until after the Christmas knits are completed though!

Now, on to the Christmas knits!  Here is a simple sock pattern – very simple people!  Knit time – 2 days – not knitting all day either.  Maybe a total of 10 hours of knitting.  So, these will be for my son – I did an “eye of the partridge” heel for a little difference.  Nice?  I need to block them and they will be done.  Ends are all woven in as well!  Yarn:  Berrocco Ultra Alpaca, just over 1 skein.

Next up, daughter #2 socks!  She loves my socks – LOVES them!  Same basic sock pattern – with a small cable up the sides.  I will do a W/T heel on these to keep the cable pattern running smoothly along.  This is about an  hour of knitting time – just over 4 inches completed.  Yarn:  Berrocco Ultra Alpaca.  These are such nice cushy socks!  And, knitting on size 6’s is not all bad either. 

On to daughter #1 – daughter #2 saw this hat on the cover of IK Holiday Gifts – and promptly said – that hat looks like Rachel!  So, last night – I found the yarn online, ordered it, and I am hoping it arrives soon!  This will also be knit before Christmas! 

Other holiday knits on the horizon…

a “Holland” color hat for Sam…

socks for Rachel…

an assortment of mittens for Heidi, Sam, Rachel, and some of their friends who have placed their request…

The mitten book arrived yesterday at Friends of Wool. 

So, what are you all knitting for Christmas?????

Have a great day everyone!

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