Or, what happens when you spend the day with Obi Wan and Yoda Rob and Matt!

So, bright and early the two Jedi’s in training yarn dyer wanna-be’s headed over to a galaxy far, far away Lansing!  There was little traffic in the galaxy on the highway and we traveled at warp speed, oops – we are Jedi’s not Treker’s!, made excellent time!  Upon arrival, we were rushed back to class to find our Jedi Master, Obi Wan Rob, had already begun class!  With quick work we quickly prepared the tables for dying and with some amazing explanation from our Master – we all had cold, wet, yarn in our eager hands! 

Our first explanation was for dying a multi-colored skein of yarn.  We each picked out our colors and like devoted Jedi’s dyer wanna-be’s we attacked our skeins. 

Okay, gentle readers – here is my first attempt – I present to you “Indian Corn”

The weather was not so cooperative today here in West Michigan – overcast and not much good natural light, but this is a very good representation of the colors in the skein.  (Rob, what do you think of the brown – I think I like the Logwood “au-natural”….)

A bit of a close up.  Not bad, huh?  I am feeling the “force” and it’s aura surrounding me. 

We continued on with the amazing help from our Jedi Master Rob and here is my second skein….

Sea-spray, gentle readers. 

The Jedi in training Dyer Wanna-be is gaining confidence.

For our last task in training – we talked a bit about runs of color – there was some amazing knowledge imparted from our Master and as a good student, I listened closely and allowed the force to “be with me” as I did my third skein….

I present to you …. Chocolate Covered Blueberries, gentle reader.  There is no way to describe this color, and while this is close, it is no where near the vibrancy of the true shades.  This is truly gorgeous yarn!

And, lastly, I brought my BFL that I had spun to see about dying it…. and I had time to dye.  And, I did….

Indigo Dreams was born….

It was a truly amazing, inspiring day.  I truly wish I had a camera to share with you all the picture of all of the Jedi Knights Dyer Wanna-be’s finished products!  When Yoda Matt came in to look at all of them, even he was impressed with our ability to connect with the force!!  We all could have dyed all afternoon and on into the evening (and maybe even the next day!!!)  My fellow knights dyers created even lovlier fiber than I did!!!!  A truly creative group of women!

To top that all off -my tree is decorated and is looking just lovely.  A perfect tree.  As for the artificial tree downstairs – hmmm, not so well.  It seems that Thing One and Thing Two the cats cannot leave it alone!!  The live tree they don’t care about – but the tree with removable branches – hmmmm, a much different story!  I picked it up for the last time this morning.  It is back in storage… no Santa Tree here this year.  But, we do have a plethora of Santa’s to take it’s place… stay tuned for pictures.

 Have a great evening all!  Blessings!

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