And, you wonder how he “sees you when you’re sleeping”…. In our house, Santa is truly everywhere! 

I thought that I would share with you all today some of my favorite Santa’s… I have been collecting them for years.  And, I truly adore them.  If there was a way to keep them out all year, I probably would! 

Here is “Gardening Santa”  – my kids gave me this for Christmas about 10 years ago.  Isn’t he divine?  He is sitting on an adorable wooden bench.    I love his woolen pants and his denim apron.  After all, Santa only works one night out of the year – I figure he must have some amazing gardens!! 

Next, here is “Nordic Santa”  I got him LONG before I began to knit.  And – Ihave to tell you, I love him even more since I have been knitting!  The mittens and the “skates” are divine!

In front of Nordic Santa is one of the very first Santa’s I ever got.  My ex-MIL gave him to me for one of my first Christmases with them.  I have had him over 25 years.  He normally has a place of honor on the “Santa Tree” – and since that tree is not happening this year, thanks to Thing One and Thing Two Noel and Maddy, I got him out and put him on the top shelf!  I love that he has a shephard’s staff – it seems so fitting for the season.

My absolute best find ever though is a picture I found about 20 years ago in an antique shop.  It is from the 40’s, I think, and it is HUGE.  Getting a photo of it to share with you all was a bit of a challenge!  It is about 5 x 4.  I am telling you all -HUGE!   There are 10 “Santa Elves” surrounding the “head Santa”.  It is my absolute favorite piece.  This is hanging in my bedroom – it fits beautifully over a dresser I have. 

See, “head Santa” has the letters tacked to the tree, he is talking on the phone, and, I am sure, he is getting the scoop on whether or not you have been naughty or nice!

Here is “Ticker Tape Santa Elf” marking off the information coming in… and “head Santa” has good a handle on this too.  See, Santa does not miss much!

Bags of toys are being hauled in – don’t you love the “snowmobile”?  Oh… and in case you were wondering… yes there is a “Sheriff Santa”.   Who do you think orders the coal shipments???? 

There is no artists signature on this piece.  Someone who loved Christmas as much as I do used their creative genius to create this treasure that now graces my humble home.   I have done nothing to this piece – it still has the same rough frame that was nailed on it when I got it. 

What are your favorite things about Christmas…

Last night, my daughter’s Christmas concert did a mother proud!  The evening ended with my daughter’s Symphony Orchestra (this is the zero hour class she takes – the one that she has to get to school at 6:30AM each day for…. Yeah, this is dedication….) played Sarajevo – ala Trans Siberian Orchestra… Holy cow, gentle reader… I cried.  They were soooooo good!  The audience sprang to their feet at the end, giving a rousing standing ovation.  The evening closed with the choir singing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus with the Symphony accompanying them. 


It was a spectacular ending to an amazing concert.

Here is to the abundant blessings that family brings and to finding joy in each day as we wend along towards Christmas. 

 I am off to get some Christmas knitting done.  Have a great day everyone!

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