The knitting continues … all that is left is to pick up stitches at the bottom and knit the box stitch border and the applied i-cord trim.  I thought I had a longer addi – but alas, I do not.  So, I will start with the arm hole i-cords and work on getting a longer needle to pick up stitches around the bottom.  I love how this is turning out – and yes, in the infamous words of Kramer “… I am lovin’ every minute of it!!”

I had a conversation with a friend today that was so uplifting.  She is an incredibly positive person – even in the face of adversity.  Conversation with her always leaves me feeling optimistic and upbeat, and I told her so.  After I spoke with her, I called my father – who has been having some serious health issues recently.  My call was two-fold – to find out how he was feeling today and to just spend some time talking with him.  As we hung up he thanked me for my call.  He wanted to share with me how much he looked forward to my calls.  I realized that I was as important to him as my friend was to me.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I know that my dad loves me.  But, it was nice to hear that my calls were a bright spot for his day. 

For the past several months, I have been working through being unemployed in a very dismal Michigan market – and there have been times when it would have been so easy to slide down the slippery slope of “poor pitiful me”.  Now, I am not saying I did not slip there a few times – but, I tried not to go there. 

In this journey I have found that I need to avoid some situations as they seem to push me down into the “Poor Pitiful Me Abyss”.  That was a revelation moment for me – negativity breeds negativity.  It becomes all to easy to complain.  I was becoming a person I did not like very much – at all.  And, I found myself attracting more negativity!  Ugghh!  How unattractive.  And, how utterly unproductive!

So, with a fresh reminder that each day my attitude is my choice to make – like the fresh fallen snow outside my door – each day I have a clean slate to make all my own.  And, with a positive attitude and joy in the day I am moving forward. 

How easy it is to miss the blessings that surround us when we are focused all that is negative.

So, gentle readers, I challenge you – are you a positive, inspiring influence on those around you? 

Go be that today where you live!

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