I was tagged yesterday at a friends blog and  because I like her tremendously, I am  going to play!!

First, The Rules:

• Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules in your post. (check)

• Share seven random/weird facts about yourself. (see below)

• Tag seven random people and link to their blogs. (okay, I am not going to follow the rules that closely)

• Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment in their blog. (see the prior rule)

It seems I have to tell you all seven, count ‘em, seven random and/or weird facts about me. This concerns me, I think I have shared with you all dozens of random and/or weird facts, but I shall tip myself over, give me a good shake and see what falls out – let’s get started then, shall we?

Random item number one: I used to have long nails that got the axe with my job in health care. I miss my nails more than I can tell you – and I have serious nail envy when I see nicely manicured nails on others. To compensate, I try to get a pedicure frequently – however, having nice toes is not the same in my humble opinion, just sayin’.

Random weirdness two: I have some very peculiar eating habits – I have a couple of coffee cups that are my favorite – my day just goes better when I sip from them. They are not “muggy-ish” and are more “tea-cup-ish” in style. I also prefer to eat with a salad fork – yes, I know, how uncouth! I am not sure why this is, some character flaw I am sure. I have not determined this to be so detrimental that I have sought counseling over it. However, I avoid the Etiquette Police with a fervor.

Weirdly random item three: Okay, this I am sure you will all tell me classifies for the TMI category – but I am an open book about life, as it were, so I will just share it with you – I do not like to wear underwear. This includes underwear for the top half and for the bottom half equally and therefore, for the most part I do not. That is right, most days you will find me sans any underclothing – unless I am working. Then, I do wear something on the top and the bottom – but that is the only time I do, however that being said – I do not, and I repeat do not, wear a bra even then. If that was too much information for you, I am sorry – sort of.

Randomosity number four: I suffer from Ophidiophobia and Arachnephobia, yes, I absolutely abhor things that creep, crawl, or slither. If I see a spider – I will have issues sleeping for fear that its eleventy-million siblings are laying in wait for lights out time. To say I hate spiders is a gross understatement. Likewise, I am I am incredibly thankful that Michigan does not have a plethora of snakes lurking in the great out-of-doors as well. While I love visiting zoo’s you will never find me in the Reptile House! Now, just imagine for a moment me as the darling Eve in the Garden of Eden – there would have been a seriously different outcome, there would have been no way in hell that I’d have even spent a millisecond talking to the serpent – we’d still all be naked and in that Garden if it had been me!

Item number five of random oddness is that I got a tattoo when I was 42 years young and I am seriously thinking about giving that poor single child a sibling to keep it company. Who was it who said being inked was addicting????

Weirdness Number Six about the Utterly and Totally Weird Place I live – until 30 days ago, I lived in a county that entirely banned the sale of Beer and Wine on Sunday, which may be the very reason I went to a church that served wine for communion, but that is fodder for another topic. Anyways, The Good City of Holland has had a law on the books for longer than I can remember banning the sale of Beer and Wine in any capacity. Some years back, someone figured out that did not include liquor by the glass sales and so on Sundays you could have a martini with your lunch but you would surely burn in Hell’s Hottest Fire if you had a damned glass of wine. Consider, if you will, how much fun that will make New Years Eve when that had the misfortune to fall on a Sunday in Ottawa County – you got it, Tequila Shooter’s anyone? Finally, the 12 liberal minded drunks who live in this Bastion of Conservativeness managed to get this passed – I think it was all that Obama Love just flowing at the Precincts last November!

Finally – the seventh randomly and beyond Weird tidbit about me is that if you dare me to do something, I more than likely will – unless it involves roller coasters, spiders, or snakes.

There you have it, seven items of BS that your lives would have been bereft had you not known them… now I believe that I have to tag some poor unsuspecting saps bloggers to pick up the baton and spill their guts – how about if I give all my readers the opportunity if they would like to participate –

Tag, YOU are IT!

Have a great Christmas and go stop by NAMG’s site and show her some love – she is so worthy!

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