I’ve always done things the hard way. I was born like a piece of tangled yarn. The job is trying to untangle it, and I’ll probably go on doing it for the rest of my life. ~Karen Allen

I honestly can admit that in the past 10 years since I have been knitting there have been more days than not that yarn has consumed my thoughts.

Recently though, the yarn thought process has taken on a completely new meaning.

In this down economy, I have taken a step out on a limb and determined to use my talents in an effort to control my own destiny, rather than becoming, once again, another downsized statistic.

Several weeks ago AsKatKnits Studios was born and today it has an additional outlet.

Welcome to the AKKStudios Etsy Shop.

To say I am excited is an understatement; I am wildly excited. But, I am also grateful at the help and support of many people, most especially my friend Steve. Without his brilliant technology skills and his incredible creative genius, all of this would look rather ordinary, but instead it is polished and professional, and I hope easy to navigate.

This is but another small step in the journey and I am happy to share it with all of you.

After all, life is short and I hope that you just might find that you need a little more yarn!

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