“Beware the ides of March.” William Shakespeare

The Ides of March are upon us and with each passing day, the grasp that winter has on us loosens. The Snowdrops outside my back door are bravely baring their blossoms to the hints of warmer weather that have coaxed them forth. They have a sense of urgency…

There is a pile of knitting with two sweaters, a scarf, and a shawl in need of completion. Sweater weather will too soon be over and I would like to wear them before I have to put them away. A shawl that will be a necessity for the upcoming Fiber Festival Season – I have a bit of frogging to do on it though. While the pattern calls for garter stitch, I believe that this yarn will work better, and more importantly feel better in stockinette stitch. So, back to the beginning on that one. Then there was this little gem in the new Knitty that caught my eye, I had some lovely hand spun that I had recently spun, from my “special stash,” a vintage color way from Yarn Hollow and it is working beautifully for Nahant.

I also have been thinking about my garden because soon it will be time to plant all the things! I have been looking at seeds and pondering what I liked last year, what I want more of this year and are there new things that might be interesting? There are beds to be readied and seeds to be started. So much to do with so little time I, too, have a sense of urgency and the ides of March are upon me.

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