In an attempt to hold myself accountable to the blasted list….

Listening: To Cleopatra, the new album by the Lumineers. It is so good.

Reading: Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo and Mink River by Brian Doyle. Still. I know. Hopefully this will be the last post in which I lament to you that I am still.reading.them!

Watching: The final season of Wallander on PBS starring Kenneth Branagh. Need I say more?

Cleaning: The Black Hole of a Freezer. Yes, I am crossing this off the list! Boo Yeah!

Planting: Onions and garlic. Tomatoes and peppers are on deck this weekend!

Harvesting: Rhubarb. Syrup making to commence shortly and it will perhaps be featured in tomorrow’s Cocktail. But, at the very least, there will be Rhubarb Sodas!

Anticipating: Our usual Friday Snacks and Cocktails – life has been busy the past couple of weeks and I have missed them tremendously.

Contemplating: If anticipating Friday Cocktails signifies something. I am not sure, but I am not contemplating any kind of meetings so I think I am okay!

Planning: A summer long knit-a-long for anyone who wants to participate. Details coming next week, stay tuned!

Grateful: That tomorrow is Friday, or should I say FriYAY!

That is my life in a right now kind of moment. What does your right now look like?

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