Greetings from mid-weekend! I know! How awesome is that!

Some things to perk up your Monday:

  1. The Four Day Sweater KAL is in full swing – and Mary is just cruising along! Go, Mary, Go! I am beyond the Great Sweater Divide and will resume knitting on Thursday when Steve heads off for a 3-day work function. Yes, there is a method to me dividing up my time! LOL
  2. Speaking of Mary, she shared this lovely tidbit with me this morning! Yes, I’m still with her – and really, can we all be in a book club together? Perhaps new rules for Presidential candidates should include their reading list, and if they don’t have one – they are automatically disqualified!
  3. I have picked 7 zucchinis, 10 cucumbers, and up today is the first bean harvest!! Gardening FTW!
  4. We had some early sweet corn for dinner last night and yes, it was so delicious!

That is all I have for this Mon-turday! Except this, Monday I think this should be your new plan going forward – BE SATURDAY!

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