It’s Thursday, and that can only mean one thing!

Yup, I need to come up with three things to tell you about today!

I could tell you that the process of sleeve lengthening has begun, but it hasn’t. It was usurped by Nekia lengthening – that’s right. I have worn Nekia twice now and I am constantly pulling it down. So, it obviously needs a bit more length.

I could tell you about my insane urge to cast on all the things, but I am showing remarkable restraint!

I could also tell you about being in a dieting holding pattern six weeks and counting…no losses, and no gains either. However, this does nothing to help these last 30-ish pounds I want to lose, but as Steve reminds me daily that muscle weighs more than fat, so hopefully this means I am gaining one and losing the other.

But, rather this week I find myself longing for what was and mourning what might have been.

And, really regretting that we are stuck with Orange Marmalade.

I think there are more than three things here, but it’s a work in progress. Right? What are your Thursday things?

Want to see far more clever things? You will find them all here!

P.S. One final bonus thing: Happy Birthday, Carole! I hope your day is filled with love and joy!

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