No unraveling here, but there has been lots of knitting. I am somehow speed-knitting along on Rusty – there is something so meditative about knitting in the round. It is doubly pleasurable when paired with an excellent audiobook! This is not travel knitting though despite its ease of knitting. The yarn is fragile and I don’t want it “mussed up” in a knitting bag. But, I did haul my huge Summer Sand Ripples along with me to knit night last night! I love how my knitting is so autumnal looking! (Sadly, our leaves are sorely lacking in autumnal color so this helps a bit!)

I have also begun plotting out some more sweater knitting to take me through the next few months. I am eager to get some better fitting sweaters completed.

And, Life After Life is an excellent audiobook! The narrator is brilliant, and the story is fascinating! How many lives will it take to get it right? It is very thought-provoking and the story details are wonderful! I will be done with it shortly (perhaps later today!) which is a very good thing because last week it “rained” at the library and I have waiting in the wings What Happened and Little Fires Everywhere.

I finished a Net Galley read, Millard Salter’s Last Day by Jacob M. Appel. I gave this book 5-stars and I really loved it. You can read my full review here (beware there are some spoilers). This will be available on November 7!

I also finished listening to Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore by Matthew Sullivan. I gave it 3-stars. I liked it, but I did not love it. I might have enjoyed it more had I read it myself rather than listening to it. The narrator was rather tedious, and I found some holes in the story that never quite got tied up for me.

And, I finished reading The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning which is an inspiring, get off your butt and get things done book! This was also a Net Galley read and if you liked Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, you will find this book a more direct and practical approach to the tidying, de-cluttering task! If you did not like Marie Kondo at all, I think you will find Margareta’s advice and instruction a refreshing and easy to do. How easy you ask? Well, her inspiration started even before I finished her book! In one short weekend we had reorganized, sorted, and cleaned out 2 closets! I gave this book 4-stars, and if you, like me, struggle with stuff – this book is for you! It is available now for pre-order and will be available January 2nd.

I have one more Net Galley book in my queue – Viveca Sten’s 4th book Tonight You’re Dead which will be released in the US on November 14th.

Are you planning any knitting?

P.S. Did you know Kindle is 10??  There are so many incredible deals! 

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