This week there are some crazy fun things in my world this week!

Thing One:

If at first you don’t succeed… find a better decrease!

I tried valiantly to work the fancy SSK’s that were shared via Mason Dixon Knitting on my Carbeth but, in the end, they just did not work for me! I had some serious ladders between the stitch before the decrease and the decrease. My solution? Find another decrease. Thank you to Cocoknits for her Neater Way to SSK!! I hope to get some photos of my Carbeth today, it is finally dry enough and colder weather has kindly returned to facilitate wearing it!

Thing Two:

I had been all a-gog over those Norwegian’s in their crazy curling pants, and then Vicki sent me this…as she said to me: You’re Welcome!

Thing Three:

And, the last thing that has put a permanent smile on my face this week are the pictures that Heidi texted me of Genevieve skiing for her first time! Yep, 2 and a half and she loved it! Look out Lindsey Vonn, there’s a new girl on the hill!

Want to see more fun things? You will normally find them here, but I am not sure if Carole will be in today, as she is DOING all the things on her vacation this week!

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