Greetings Unravelers!

The knitting is slow and steady this week and please forgive the lame photo of said slow and steady knitting. I am just over half way through the arm increases for my Vodka Lemonade. I should be a bit further, but I was distracted by the first clue of KK’s MKAL! I got it done with some days to spare and clue two will be out on Friday! So far, so very good! I love the lace work and how it flows along. (No spoiler’s here… if you want to see how the MKAL is progressing, you can see photos here!)

I am also looking at the calendar and figuring out what days might work best for my participation in Marie Greene’s Sweater in 4-days KAL. I have not settled on the days yet, but this is something you absolutely need to plan out!

The reading has fortunately been much better, and I have a couple of finishes to share with you!

First up, I finished The Kremlin’s Candidate…this is perhaps the best series I have read in a very long time! (Outside of Armand Gamache, but more on him later) I will give no spoilers away here, but I will tell you that the ending made me cry. 5-stars all the way!

Next, I finished The Feather Thief for my “Set in a different county” square. This is an intriguing true story about a heist from the Tring Museum in London. It is well done and fascinating. 4-stars and I highly recommend this story!

Now, on to Armand Gamache who is my current “listen” for my Mystery square. The Nature of the Beast is the first book after dear Ralph Cosham passed away. I admit I am struggling mightily with the transition to the new narrator, Robert Bathurst. Now, don’t get me wrong, Mr. Bathurst is not a poor narrator at all, but he is not Ralph Cosham. And, I am finding myself deeply missing his way of reading – his inflection and how he related the story to the listener. I had hoped that I would ‘get used to’ Mr. Bathurst, but this will likely be the last story I listen to in the Armand Gamache series. For me, I would rather hear Ralph’s voice in my head as I read the story than be distracted by the voice I cannot get used to at all. However, Penny as usual, is doing a masterful job in this the eleventh book in the series and I should be finished with it later today!

Up next: This is How it Always Is for my ‘with a cover that matches a current WIP’ square and then Gilead fills the ‘one-word title’ box. And, Gilead does double duty as it is also on The Great American Read list!

This week I also started a second bingo card…I know! What the heck? But, The Kremlin’s Candidate helped me out by filling the “Thriller” square and I have books that have come in from the library that I did not have a square for, so it seemed logical to begin another card. As luck would have it the book that came from the library is Fredrik Backman’s new book, Us Against You, which will perfectly fit the “originally published this year” square on my new card. I am not sure how far I will get on this card, but there is still a good bit of time between now and Labor Day!

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And, what are you making and reading this week?

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