Is it just me or does it seem like this week is moving a warp speed? My list is not long but it does not seem like I am making any dents at all!

I have no cohesive things this week, like my list – random, rambling, and disjointed!

Thing One:

I think I “caught” Genevieve’s cough and brought it home with me and cold and cough is just the worst kind of fog, amirite?

Thing Two:

Steve tells me this morning he is having a hard time “getting back to work” which I find hilarious because we have been back since Monday night and he has yet to work a full day (and I think he is leaving early again today…)

Thing Three:

Yesterday, Steve derailed my plan for the day (perhaps to get me back knitting his sock?? Ha) He left work early and dragged me with him to do so car shopping. Successful car shopping, as we are now the owners of a brand new 2018 Nissan Murano! The things I do for love… Ha!

That is my ‘brain dump’ for the day! Want to see more lists? Head on over to Carole’s where you will find much better lists than mine!

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