Greetings Unravelers!

It has been a week without any unraveling at all! Whew! I am knitting at a very slow, yet steady pace, on my Blaer and am almost finished with my first skein but it is unlikely to be completed in November, even though I am going to try my hardest to get it done. And, can I just say how much I love the fabric that Einband makes… so light and airy and soft!

But I have been dividing my time up between knitting it and working on finishing blanket number two! I almost have all the squares joined into rows – so I am making some progress but, I have been having some serious elbow pain that is limiting my knitting time on all the things. So, in the evenings I have been working on spinning for an actual project! I know… who am I??? (And, really… right now spinning is about the only thing that does not hurt) There is a group of us on the dreaded FB that are spinning for Andrea Mowry’s Nightshift shawl. I am spinning for about an hour each evening while we watch the news and I am amazed at how quickly I am filling a bobbin! I am almost finished with my first hank of fiber… with just 5 more to go! Ha! If the elbow pain lingers on, this may get done much quicker than I planned!

The reading this week has been very good! I finished Robert Galbraith’s Career of Evil (yes, it was a bit gruesome) but the story was riveting and got 4-stars! I am on the super long wait list Lethal White and am struggling with patience as I am eager to see where Cormoran and Robin go next!

I also finished Sarah Water’s The Little Stranger. This book was nothing like I imagined it would be! Things happen in the deteriorating Hundreds Hall… are they real? Or, are they figments of the Ayres’ minds. I gave this book 3-stars simply because I think she could have told the story more quickly… there were parts that really dragged and the ending was entirely unexpected (and not at all in a good way).

Up next in my reading queue:

Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta and Calypso!

What about you? What are you making and reading this week? And, as always, if you wrote a post to share today – please leave your link below!

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