The making this week has been varied! Some sewing, some knitting – and all of it good!

I have worked through 2 clues on the first mitten. I have been practicing holding both yarns in one hand and it is working well and might be a bit easier to maintain even tension as I knit, but as with all new things – the knitting is slow-going, but I managed to start the cuff of the second mitten yesterday afternoon!

The big project has been the sewing of the Car Seat Poncho! I am adding arm openings in the front and a pocket! I hopefully I can figure out some “bear ears” to attach to the hood at my daughter’s request! For a simple looking project, there is lots of bits of detailed sewing!


I finished Dispatches from Pluto and really loved it! It gives a wonderful and realistic look into life in the Mississippi Delta through the eyes of an  outsider. I highly recommend, and I gave it 4-stars.

I also finished re-reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship. It has been almost 25 years since I had first read it and Bonhoeffer’s words were the best balm for a weary spirit – 4-stars!

Squirrel Hill has filled my thoughts since the horrific tragedy at the Tree of Life and this beautiful essay in The New Yorker describes life in Squirrel Hill – yes it is an idyllic place – but it is also the best reflection of how life for anyone should be in America – open, welcoming, and most importantly – without fear.

Oh, and just in case your book list is in need of a boost…NPR’s Book Concierge has published their guide to 2018’s great reads!

That is all I have for today! If you wrote a post to share – please leave your link below!

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**We have entered the most dreaded days for photograph taking. It becomes a challenge to get a photo when light is at a premium. I apologize for the miserable excuse of a photo in today’s post!

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