Joining with Carole today to share three things today!

Thing One:

There was a sunrise this morning!! With some blue skies! I know – that is one heck of an amazing thing, especially in Pittsburgh! Sadly, the sunshine and blue skies were not long lived, and it is grey and, yes, even a bit foggy outside right now. However, there is no precipitation falling from the skies!

Thing Two:

We finally have all the pieces of information necessary to complete our taxes for the year. I have some trepidation about that this year, and I am not alone

Thing Three:

We have a pair of robins that have not migrated south this winter and I have been extremely worried about what on earth they could find to eat! Especially in the bitter cold we have been having, but a quick Google search turned up this information! Frozen fruit to the rescue! Bonus in that the grey squirrels also think the fruit is a very good thing!

That’s all I have for today – I hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day!

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