The fingers of the knitting women were vicious… Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

The finishing streak moves forward with my second Screen Door and I love it! I went up a needle size and only knit 22 pattern repeats, but it is the perfect size I think! Details are here, if you are interested.

I cast on one more wrap – this one with a skein of The Fibre Co Meadow. I have the pattern memorized and now am working to getting 105 stitches on the needles and I am just over halfway there. I think this will be a perfect transition piece in weight and color!

As for that sweater I started…. Oy. Well, suffice it to say there was some unraveling done this week. My row gauge was off a bit and I had hoped that my “fix” for that would work, but it did not. So, I am pondering just what I want to do and honestly – I am leaning towards NOT continuing. Curiously, I am not the only person who is having this problem as a number of fellow “Foxtrotter’s” are having the same issue. All of us with the problem are knitting size 38 and up… so I think it has to do with the increase rate, it does not seem to work at all for the depth of the armscye needed…so, there you have it. I think I just talked myself out of knitting the sweater! I could go back and do some more math to figure out ghost rows to make the arm shaping work…but I am not sure it is worth the effort. However, I am not missing the sweater knitting too much because yesterday I prepped the Uniform Tunic pattern to do a long sleeve dress. I finally sat down and figured out the bust adjustment I needed for it! One black long sleeved linen dress coming up! I hope to get the pieces cut out this morning and sewing will soon follow!

Last week, there were no reading finishes as I was immersed deeply in Middlemarch! Not so this week though – the reading has been marvelous! I finished Middlemarch, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, and A Tale of Two Cities and they all made for some AMAZING reading!

Can I just say that I want to live in Middlemarch, please!? I absolutely loved Dorothea and it would be amazing to be her neighbor. Eliot’s writing is brilliant  and I can understand why people re-read this book! It is simply the most amazing place! I have updated my review to reflect the audio version I listened to – the narrator, Wanda McCaddon, was wonderful! 5-stars and I highly recommend!

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time was a quick listen, but so brilliant! This is the story of a young man with autism – and he is so lovable! The entire book is the immersion into life as he sees it – from the Prime Numbered chapters to how Christopher views the world. The only problem I had with the book was with his solo trek into London – it did not seem believable to me. However, it is still an utterly enjoyable book and I gave it 4-stars!

Finally, A Tale of Two Cities – wow! Of course, this book is well written, but the crafting of the writing is so incredible. And, those vicious knitters…5-stars.

And with those finishes I have reached the time of my summer reading when I can see the completion of my bingo card. I have only 6 books to go and I will have my cover all. I started Between the World and Me yesterday and should finish it today. I have Song of Solomon and Hunger waiting in my queue. Purple Hibiscus is waiting for me to start and I will as soon as I have finished Zitkala-Sa’s American Indian Stories…That means, I can soon settle in with War and Peace sans feeling the need to rush through it and that is a very good thing!

Mary asked me some weeks ago if I would be working on another card – I don’t think so this summer. I have a great many books that I want to read and I don’t want to think about how to fit them into a new card.

That is all I have for this week’s unraveling… what about you? Are you unraveling this week?

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