I hope this week does not find you frantically knitting objects that you cannot share on your blog. Sadly, for me… that is my life in knitting right now so you get a bit the fluffy goodness that is my languishing Evening Dew Cardigan.

Those pesky socks are finished and have had their soak and are laying carefully to dry.

However, I mentioned on Monday that my dear son mentioned something over the weekend and then Kym was kind enough to save me from spending a couple of hours searching on Ravelry for the perfect item. She wins the award this week of the most helpful link…ever! This morning I am tossing the stash to find something I can use to knit those slippers! I think 2 strands of worsted weight yarn equal bulky…correct? If that is true, then I will be settling in this afternoon to see how far I can get on a pair of those babies!

Now on to reading:

First finish is The Echo Maker by Richard Powers (of The Overstory fame). This book was suggested to me via Overdrive as he is the December speaker for Pittsburgh’s Ten Evenings event. I loved The Overstory and gladly downloaded the audio book. This is a fascinating story in a similar multi-pronged way, yet very different from The Overstory – it is a longer book (20 hours of listening time) but the story keeps you engaged. Without giving anything away, it tells a story about traumatic brain injury from a variety of perspectives. 4-stars and if you liked The Overstory for its depth and details – you will enjoy The Echo Maker. (Also, it happens in Nebraska – so if you live there, you will find it very familiar!)

Second finish was a book I won on a Goodreads give away! In the Shadow of Power, book 7 in the Sandhamn Mystery series. I enjoyed it – yet another murder on Sandhamn. A very fun read! 3-stars.

Now, in case you are looking for some things to fill up your reading queue – the book lists have stared! NPR’s Book Concierge list has so many good things and has some things I have added to my list! I love that it is searchable by category and with 350+ books, it will have something for everyone!

I also stumbled across this gem on NPR’s Facebook page. It is a worthy listen!

Finally – Bonny, Carole, and Kym announced the new Read With Us book yesterday! Think about joining us to discuss in February next year!

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