I’ve come to sing you a song called December. Ryan Murphy, Down with the Ship

Last year really cemented these “Looking Back” posts and I love how they can change my feelings on the month! I love looking back at the photos and videos I captured to remember the days and rediscovering moments I forgot! Recently Mary looked back on her word for 2019 with some really wonderful questions! I am going to borrow that idea with the hope that it makes my memories richer.

The Best Part of the Month included Christmas decorations with all the memories attached to them and the joy of making for others! AND seeing Genevieve all “decked out” in her hand knits made me laugh right out loud! Finally, there were quiet times at home with good food, a beverage, and conversation – there were an abundance of those days in December!

There was Something New this month – we visited Spoonwood Brewing Co. for my birthday and discovered a place that will want to revisit (and we did the next day to insure that we will with their Growler Club!) The beers and the food were fabulous!

Best “Oh Wow” Moment/s Those December Skies were just so amazing, broody, and stunning!

What I did Well and What I can do Better is an easy one – I started the month strong with moving and getting outdoors for a nice invigorating walk, but that train derailed just before Christmas when a really un-lovely stomach bug attacked! Then I found excuse after excuse to keep that train derailed – but today I am putting it back on track!

Thank you for joining me in my look back at December!


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