The making this week has been of the “small” variety but I wanted to take a moment to identify the photos for you all from Monday’s post:

  • 1. A chive blossom
  • 2. an African violet
  • 3. Bee balm and
  • 4. the Tri-colored birch beech (thank you, Kym) in my back yard.

Monday the most strenuous thing I did was that blog post, lol. The rest of the day I napped on the sofa and it was early to bed for me as well! However, I woke yesterday free of all effects from my COVID booster and I spent the day catching up on all I did not get done on Monday as well as the usual Tuesday things I do, some of which included some knitting time!

The first clue of Imagined Landscape’s Mystery Gnome came out last Friday and I did cast on over the weekend. Clue Two came out on Monday and I managed to get myself all caught up yesterday. Clue Three drops tomorrow and I am all ready for it! (and no spoilers here… yes, it is inside out!)

I also have been knitting Sam’s sock… I am contemplating an “afterthought heel” but I have never done one of those before. (Or is it a fore-thought heel… I want to do the one with the row of waste yarn…) If any of you have done that heel I’d love your input. My reasoning behind this is that I feel like the striping will be more uniform without the heel flap. Anyways, I look forward to all your knitting insights!

The reading this week… well it is just epic. I finally finished The Books of Jacob, which I deemed to be a 4-star read. I now have a bunch of much, much, much shorter books in my queue and so I think by this time next week I might have 3 books completed, lol.

However, I loved the 2 months I spent with Jacob Frank… it was truly an amazing book!

The Books of JacobThe Books of Jacob by Olga Tokarczuk
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am not sure where to begin with this incredible story, there is just so much to digest and all of it fascinating. If I had read this book in my 20’s I would not have liked it, or even finished it. My much younger self was not as comfortable with thinking about things from all opinions… but at 61, this epic work has much that inspired me. First… by how similar all things are (i.e. religions… Christian, Jewish, Muslim)… much more than I think I realized. I loved how this story of Jacob Frank was true but Tokarczuk took that story and wrapped it in a bit of mystical wonder, as only she can do. I really loved the time I spent in Jacob’s world.

But all that said, this book is long and it dragged a bit for me at about the beginning of the last quarter of the book, however, I am not sure how it could be edited to avoid that as there were important bits in that part, however, all at once the dragging feeling stopped and the ending just flowed beautifully. I loved, loved, loved the page numbering… my gosh that was so fun!

The translation to English by Jennifer Croft is excellent and I am profoundly grateful for her work in bring this book to an English speaking audience.

If you are a Tokarczuk fan, you will love this book!

That is all I have for today… and I am eagerly awaiting your thoughts on afterthought heels!

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