Is for catching up and contemplation… and I am hoping that my catching up will be easy. I need to wash kitchen floors and clean bathrooms and, if the rain holds off, give Sherman a bath. (Hint… wet dog on wet day is not a good combination… ever, lol)

Some of my contemplation surrounds my painting class. I finished my homework on Saturday and shared in the private FB group… again first to post. And finally on Sunday, a few others shared their homework. I really like seeing what others did with the same lesson… so I can learn from how they interpreted the lesson and from the discussions that happen over each others paintings.

Here is my painting. It is the only image I painted and I am wondering what I am missing because one of the people who posted their homework to the FB group shared that the painting was her 8th attempt. I am not looking for ooh’s and aah’s on my painting… I just am wondering what I might have done differently if I tried this same painting 8 times. Perhaps the answer will come to me as I am scrubbing the kitchen floor… lol.

And with that… it is time for me to get those catch up chores out of the way so I can finish my August Gnome… stay tuned, he will be revealed on Wednesday!

Happy Monday all!




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