Greetings Unravelers!

Not much making this week! I might have knit less than 8 rows on Close To You and that is alright with me! Instead I have been spending as many hours as possible outside in Presque Isle! It has been simply amazing… sunny, clear skies, and warm! We have a bit of rain in the forecast today but that is okay because that means I might get a bit a knitting time! Haha!

I do have a rather fun update from my daughter to share. Every year the halloween costumes are so fun, but this year was especially so!

Meet Little Red Riding Hood,  dear grandma, and the Big Bad Wolf! I laughed so hard at this one! Well done, Heidi!

This was the week that I realized that I am indeed a painter! Why you ask? Well because I brought (almost) everything I needed to do my “weekly watercolor homework” and spent a bit of time Sunday afternoon getting it done! Yes, I planned painting time and have done virtually no knitting!

Thanks to my AirPods, I have done some reading this week! Currently, I am stealing moments to read Jussi Adler-Olsen’s latest book, The Shadow Murders. So.Good! I really enjoy the Department Q Team, headed up by my beloved Carl Mørck. It is Scandinavian Noir at its best!

And with that, I am getting back to my out-of-doors enjoyment that is Presque Isle. See you all back here next Monday with my Word Update!

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