Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude. ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

The day after Thanksgiving should be an easy day to be grateful, right? We have full bellies, leftovers, and…if we are lucky…a slice of pie for breakfast!

So where does one go from here…the last day of Kym’s Gratitude Week.

In years past, I have jotted down a Gratitude List of five or so things each day in a “Gratitude Journal.” But after awhile, this felt trite to me… so much of the sameness written down, but did that really help me focus on being grateful? So I stopped writing in my gratitude journal and noted that stopping made no difference in how I felt or my attitude.

And so I began to change how I thought about having a grateful heart. Instead of writing things down, I kept my eyes and ears open for things that might cross my path that sparked gratitude. Those things came easier it seemed.

  • A particularly cheerful bird song.
  • The palest hint of a sunrise or a sunset.
  • Hearing the school age children full of excitement to tell their mom about their day.
  • The hushed silence that a late autumn morning brings.
  • Reading a poem that moves me in a new or profound way.

Great things to be grateful for, but still… it seemed lacking to me. But one thing that Carolyn blogged recently has been rattling around my brain.

“Before bed, I jotted 3 things I was grateful for and 3 things I did for someone else that day.”

I have not stopped thinking about this: “3 things I did for someone else that day.”

Hard truths are never easy to share… but I don’t often do things for someone else.

Now, I am not including Steve, my kids, or my grandkids here… those are the people it is easy to do things for. The people you are happy to help with a cheerful, loving heart. Nor am I counting the places I make donations to… is making a donation a good thing? Absolutely! But it is something that is, for me, easy to do!

But what am I physically doing for the someone else’s that I have no connection with? The answer is a whole lot of not very much.

So where I hope to take Gratitude Week is to look for the someone else’s. I am going to go beyond simply keeping my eyes and ears open. I want to try and go deeper, to stretch my gratitude boundaries – to find the parts that “carry the most weight” (to quote Carolyn again) in the things I do for others.

And there you have it… my take on how to close out Gratitude Week.

I hope that your Friday is full of all the things you love! See you all back here on Monday with my Word update!


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