Gentle Unravelers!

Welcome to the last day of November… and tomorrow begins December! And I am so ready for it!

Why? Well, tomorrow the first Holiday Christmas Gnome clue comes out! I have my yarn all set to go… and I am eager to begin!

And my Welcome December list? Well, it has so few things on it, I am kind of worried I am forgetting something!

  • Finish the tree.
  • Finish the watercolor cards!
  • Pick out some good somethings from the grandkids “Amazon Wish Lists”  (really… Genevieve says this should be #1 on my list based on the number of times she has mentioned it in the last week! Hahaha!)

And that is it!

Okay and maybe finish Steve’s sock… in between Gnome Knitting and doing some Pressed Flower repeats!

Speaking of Pressed Flowers, I have 28 inches knit… I am still not done with the first “plate” of plötulopi but I am still wildly in love with this knit!

However, my reading this week has been… curious! I am roughly halfway through A Marriage Portrait and while I don’t dislike it; it certainly is not Hamnet. My struggle is the rather abrupt switching back and forth in the time line. I need to look at the date and then figure out where “this” falls in the non-linear story line. I better get a move on and finish it though, it is due this week!

I also started listening to Time Pieces: A Dublin Memoir by John Banville. Oh my. It is delightful (and the perfect thing to ease into after Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell!)

And there you have my making this week. What about you? Are you experiencing any Holiday Crunch Time Knitting?

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