Greetings Unravelers and Happy Wednesday!

My road of making this week has been a bit rocky.

I am in a bit of a “holding pattern” on my second summer skirt (darn and blast it… I am not going to have enough yarn so I ordered more yesterday) Sigh.

So I had no choice but to finish off that bit of spinning… which I did! Hello dear Hitch on the Move! I cast on yesterday… it’s early days but so far, so very good!

And… Thea Coleman dropped an enticing pattern this week. I have added “knit a swatch” to this week’s list!

The reading is much less rocky (although I did bail on a book that was just not for me) but aside from that book the reading has been wonderful.

I am reading A Year of Marvelous Ways in the morning with my coffee and I am about halfway through. It is delightful… but I am not enjoying it thus far as I have previous Winman books!

In my ears is an advance “listener” copy of Mick Herron’s latest – The Secret Hours. I am about halfway in and loving it. The narration (Gerard Doyle) is excellent! (and the story is not bad either!)

And I just began another advance reader copy of Naomi Alderman’s latest – The Future. I enjoyed The Power and, thus far, this is better… more twisted… and after getting started (it is a bit of a slow start) I am having a hard time putting it down to go to sleep!

So… my rough week of making is being moderated by my good reading! Ha!

What about you all, is it smooth making for you this week (I hope!!)

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