Greetings Unravelers!

Last week, I shared that I was waiting for the arrival of more Tides to finish Shakerag Skirt #2… The Holst Garn shipping department is magnificent… It should have been here yesterday – 6 days from order to my doorstep, but thanks to the epically lame USPS it won’t be there until today.  Once it arrives I will be back to knitting round and round… on my way through the decreases on towards the waistband and completion! A good thing because Shakerag Skirt #1 is getting heavy rotation… it is the perfect summer skirt!

Thankfully in the interim I have been in the Land of Knitting Delight… truly… Delight! Martina is the most ingenius knitting designer! The “teeth” arrive magically and the knitting is utterly wonderful. All knitting… so it is an almost mindless knit. My rows are getting longer so my completed “teeth” are slowing slightly but all this joy-filled knitting means that I am oh so close to the “weight” needed to move onto the next phase of the pattern!! Oh… and the delight is not just for the pattern… these yarns together are perfect… the colors work well together with enough contrast to make those “teeth” shine! It will be a welcome addition to my fall/winter wardrobe!

Now… lest you think that it is just Knitting Nirvana here… well! The reading has been stellar! I have read a book that I think will be one of the best I will read all year (if not THE best!) The Future by Naomi Alderman is that book… I have not stopped thinking about it since I finished it last weekend. And couple that with my other finishes this week and well… my summer reading is off the charts good! I believe that Sarah Winman has become my favorite author of all time… A Year of Marvellous Ways was spectacular… magical… brilliant! And add to that the audio version of Mick Herron’s soon to be released The Secret Hours and you have the perfect week of reading!

And I have not yet left the Peak of Awesomeness in my reading… no, it continues. I began listening to Jenny Odell’s Saving Time (it is off to a rousing start!) and at night I am reading another ARC: Alice McDermott’s Absolution.

And!! With my eyes… the magnificent Project 562! I am so grateful that my library has a copy of this incredible work… I am in awe of the images and the stories contained within.

Mid-July life at its best… amazing project and spectacular reading. I’d like to freeze these days and stay here for a long time! (preferably sans humidity and smoky air!!)

That is all I have to share today… what about you? Please tell me what is bringing you delight!

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