Hello dear Unravelers!

It is Wednesday and that means a bit of a check in with my making and reading…and while last week had little progress this week the making and reading are strong!

I have been doing some more stitching… and I have broken the 60 minute mark on a square! Ha! I have 4 done and am thoroughly enjoying the learning process! I am enjoying my afternoon stitching (although the humidity has kept me from sitting on the porch to do it… sigh.)

I have also found the rhythm of my Pressed Flower Sock! I am nearing the toes. I have one repeat to go before Toe #1… I am a bit nervous about length but I am going to go with the suggestions that Amy Christoffer’s gives. I have yarn picked out for a second pair as I think these will make wonderful “clog” socks for the fall/winter.

And yes, I do have a finish this week! Hitch on the Move is done… almost. She still needs a good soak and some better glamor shots (it was pretty grey and cloudy here yesterday.) Some notes on the pattern… when you get to the point where you are no longer increasing on “both sides” make sure you have a stitch count on side “a” that is divisible by 10… I did not and had to do some creative adjusting in the last few “teeth” because there was no way I was unraveling any of those long ass rows! Anyways, it is the perfect size and really love it! It will be a great addition to brisk walks (when brisk weather ever returns here… lol.) I also weighed my “a” yarn and transitioned when I reached Martina’s suggested weight and I worried I would run out of yarn but I did not! (and my leftovers have gone into the mitered square bag!)

Speaking of which… I only added one square this week but that is okay. I did go through the Deep Stash of leftover bits and pulled out a few more to add in.

Now how about a reading update! It has been another incredible week! I had 3 finishes that were so, so good! And my current reads are just as good! I am back with Gabriel Allon in The Collector. I am thrilled that the “old gang” is back together. I missed them all very much in The Portrait of an Unknown Woman so having them back is excellent! And in my ears during the day is Ann Patchett’s Tom Lake. I am loving that as well!

And there you have my making and reading this week… what about you? What are you excited about this week?

As always, if you wrote a post to share please leave your link below and thank you!

I will see you all back here tomorrow with some poetry!


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