Greetings dear Unravelers and Happy Wednesday!

Here we are closing in on the end of August and I am very much ready for the humidity and mosquitos to depart! Those two things…my most disliked parts of summer.

Those pesky mosquitos have been making morning porch time… challenging. And the humidity has been nixing my afternoon time on the porch as well. Sigh.

But indoor time has meant I have a finished sock and a good start on its mate, some more squares done, and even more temperature circles completed. (big hint… I had all of July *and* August to do… and I have almost got July done!)

A sock and a third…

I promised that I would share the details of my Hitch on the Move. I knit it with fingering weight yarn (not  DK as the pattern called for) I started with a 100 gram skein of solid sock yarn and 227-ish grams of handspun yarn. I used a US 4 needle (which gave me a lovely, drape-y fabric) and knit the “a” section until I had 55 grams of the solid yarn left. I then began the “b” portion of the pattern. In the end I had just 5 grams of the solid left and 9 grams of the hand spun yarn. (Yes, I worried for those last few LONG rows! You can see my leftover bits and bobs above) My finished dimensions are: 108″ in length and 24″ deep… a lovely LARGE shawl to wrap up in! I love how Martina’s “knit by weight” works for fingering yarn as well as DK! I love it and am contemplating another!

Sorry for this repeat photo but heat + humidity = no self-modeled shots.

The reading this week was Perfect Late Summer Reading if ever there was such a thing! My favorite book of the summer will absolutely be Ann Patchett’s Tom Lake. I loved every bit of it! I mean what is not to love about summer, theater, Michigan, cherries, and a compelling story! (and Meryl Streep reading it did not hurt either!)

This week I am tucked away in southern France with Bruno Courrèges and a murder mystery. It has been too long since I picked up one of Martin Walker’s books and this week I discovered they are all available on Hoopla! (yay for no wait books!) At night I am reading Jesmyn Ward’s soon-to-be published Let us Descend which is not light at all… so I am slowly digesting the story.

I need to read a bit faster as the library hold avalanche is looming… such a delightful problem to have! Ha!

But what about you? What are you loving this week?

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