Is for finding my routine again!

It was a delightful break! Erie was, as usual, wonderful! We walked so much! In rain and shine… and I loved it! We watched the colors get more brilliant as the week went by! We had so many wildly windy days! We saw wildlife galore and I think I might have been channeling Vera with the plethora of Great Blue Herons I saw (dozens… it was so fun!) We found new places to walk as well… which always amazes me! I even managed to take a photo or two AND… I did the tiniest bit of painting! All in all it was a most needed break (although, I confess I was so happy to get home to sleep in my bed! LOL)

However, vacation wonder aside… I have to reacquaint myself with “real life” and all its mundane things… like laundry! Ha!

And… catching myself up with all your blogs! (that might be the most monumental task of all!)

Happy Monday and I will see you all back here on Wednesday with some unraveling!

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