Greetings Gentle Unravelers and Happy November!

If you are planning on any holiday gift knitting… the clock is ticking!

I have a tiny bit of gift knitting that I will kick off on Friday with a class with the Queen of Gnomery… the one and only Sarah Schira! I am excited to do a bit of Gnome Knitting with her. My plan for the lovely little bundle of skeins above is to make a few Gnome Ornaments to hang! I have not yet knit worsted weight gnomes, so I am looking forward to it!

Because I put the kibosh on starting any new projects last week, of course… I cast on something new! Ha! Yes, I began the tree for my Gnome Choir! This new project happened when I really looked at my socks and realized I have made a rather glaring error. Yes… the socks are two different lengths. Sigh. I am not unraveling the sock only to begin again… and currently I am debating to just wear them this way or do a little surgery and knit the missing repeats, the border, and the cuff… Sigh. Last week I was very much feeling like mosaic knitting was my nemesis and I was down for the count… so my wrap has been in a bit of time out while I find my Mosaic Mojo once again.

Each of these things is not like the other…

Thanks to those odious socks, I indulged in a bit of self-pity and ordered the yarn for this sweater… I am eagerly awaiting its arrival!

I also have gotten a couple more appliqué squares done… I found the meditation of hand stitching the perfect balm… bonus points for having better lighting at home so night time stitching could happen!

The reading this week has been so delightful! I finished The Running Grave… book 7 in the Cormoran Strike series. It was good… so good! And it did not feel like a 34+ hour listen… at all! So yeah… so good!

I also, thankfully, finished The Underground Library… no where near as good and I am glad to be done with it. It was not my worst book all year, but it is in the running!

My current reads though are making up for that… I am just over half way in Geraldine Brooks’ novel: Horse and I had forgotten what a delightful writer she is!

At night I am reading a new novel by Téa Obreht, The Morningside. It started out a bit slowly as I settled in, but once I did the reading has been so good! I am about halfway through this as well!

But, what about you? Are you on the Gift Knitting Bandwagon? If you are let me know so we can cheer ourselves on!

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