Greetings Dear Unravelers!

Despite us being at the midpoint of December… there is lots of joy to be found. Yesterday was all day sunshine and it was glorious!! And yes… I have, of course, added to my list… but I should have those few things finished soon and my list finally complete!

I have done some Mystery Gnome Knitting this week… but I will share no spoilers until after the end of the knit-along. However, I do confess that I love the direction that this gnome is going! He is SO CUTE!!

Sadly, this week, there was some unraveling again… because of course there was. Rather than *look* at the pattern closely at the beginning of the “parting of the back” cables… I just assumed and knit along. I guess I am glad that I only had to rip back 12 rows and I am even more glad that I managed to get all the stitches BACK on my needle with no mis-crossed cables! A knitter warning… you might want to knit something entirely uncomplicated if you are going to watch Leave the World Behind… just saying. I am almost back to where I had to rip back… with the correct patterning in the “parting” section! Woo! (and I know this week’s photo does not look much different from last week’s photo… but that perfectly placed cable needle is pointing to the change!)

The reading this week has been so so good! I finished my second read though of Katherine May’s Wintering… and I loved it even more than I did the first time! Or maybe I just “got” different things listening to her. I finished a new mystery from Viveca Sten (of the Sandhamn Murder fame) and it was just okay.

As I finished the “just okay” book, a timely email offer me the opportunity to read Tommy Orange’s follow up to There, ThereWandering Stars. I jumped at the offer and this book has grabbed me from the opening sentences and I likely will finish it later today… some reading time with it will be my reward for doing a spot of housework.

What about you all… what has rewards await you this week?

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