First Day of Fall – Currents

First Day of Fall – Currents

Enjoying: Hot coffee after a summer of sipping it iced! For me it is the perfect transition to fall and one that is very welcome!

Making: The last of the local peaches into jam. I have perfected the recipe of the course of the season. It is so good, especially in homemade Greek yogurt! Also, a big batch of pesto with the last of the basil from the garden.

Eating: So. Many. Tomatoes!

In My Ears: A Fatal Grace – my second Inspector Gamache novel. I have about 4 chapters to go and it is really so good!

Watching: Crimes of Passion while I ride the bike in the morning. I am almost done with the series, so up next Luther will be my companion!

Packing: For a trip to Michigan – Konmari items, gifts, yarn for a couple of pairs of socks and this sweater, and clothes for two seasons – it could be warm, or it could be very cold! Also, my Bialetti, because coffee is ultimately necessary for household happiness.

Loading: My Kindle with a few good vacation reads (and I am taking one actual library book – The Year of Living Danishly)

Planning: The perfect balance of time with family and alone with Steve. However, I am lucky that one small being tips the scale in my direction giving me a double vote on what to do!

Excited: To try our first Airbnb experience as well as a taste of autumn in Northern Michigan and some nice long walks in Leelanau County.

Anticipating: A Happy Hour or two at North Peak, lunch at J&S Hamburg, and ice cream with Genevieve!


Too Soon Gone

Too Soon Gone

The weekend started off so perfectly and even a bit early on Friday – good eats, great drinks and a quiet evening at home where the great AC debate took place. I lost and the AC went back on.

Saturday brought a bit of retail therapy, a trip to Primanti’s, and watching Michigan Football! There was even a sleeve cast on!! Oh, and cleaning – there was some cleaning.

Sunday we decided to toss the house on its ear and rearrange furniture. There might have been some yelling. Okay, maybe quite a bit and it was not all done by me, just sayin!!

I am really feeling like I need more weekend and so I am going to indulge in one more day or at least part of if while I am home alone. Monday, it’s your lucky day!

Focus on Monday

Focus on Monday

The weekend was a bit of a blur and I am facing a busy Monday and trying to not lose my perspective. Do I look at my flower bed and see that much of it is done for the season.


Or do I see the blooms that persevere – brilliantly.

This is important for me, especially when I have a really long to-do list today!

It includes planting these lovely mums…

cleaning these babies…

and about a million other things!

What’s on your list today?

Monday Lines

Monday Lines

It was a quiet weekend in my corner of the world. Quiet, hot, and muggy. Relief is in sight however, which is ironically forecast to arrive on Thursday – September 1st.

I think the weather gods are having a good laugh over this. But, really. I am so ready!

We picked volumes from our little garden – we picked some things that were not quite ripe, which turned out to be a very good thing when the deluge of rain hit last night. It was nice (not!) to leave us with a foggy steam bath this morning.

PicMonkey Collage

My list seems long today, however, I was up bright and early. Yogurt is at work in the Instant Pot, quick Roasted Raspberry Jam is done and cooling in a jar, and in moments these lovely tomatoes will be on their way to the most delicious jam ever.

I hope your weekend was filled with good things! Here is to lots lines crossing things off my list for this week… how about you?

Behind the Eight Ball

Behind the Eight Ball

Hullo, Monday… nice of you to bring the cooler weather. Too bad you did not bring some organization with you because I am feeling decidedly unorganized today!

Friday Happy Hour was an inside affair, but it was good. And, that Tomato Jam is to die for! Couple that with some icy cold Martini’s and a bit of music and you have the makings for a perfect weekend!

PicMonkey Collage

We did a little retail therapy over the weekend and did some walking of the indoor type (thank goodness the mall is air conditioned!) And, then there was some Olympic viewing, which was a pleasant way to spend some quality knitting time!

I would like to say that the remainder of the weekend was wildly exciting, however, it wasn’t, and that was fine with me!

However, I did finish Jen Lucas Mystery Shawl (2013). I did need to break into the second skein but I only used a few yards. Blocking will commence shortly as the weather is perfect blocking weather. My Autumnal Pincha will be joining in on the Soak wash and a light blocking as well!

I did some reading as well. I am only about halfway through Knitlandia because I got derailed on Friday with the delivery of my friend, Jillian Moreno’s new book – Yarnitecture.

Last week, Kay and Ann talked about having a little Wash-Along that I am going to be joining in on this week. The humidity has departed, so things should dry fairly quickly. I am also going to be doing a bit of Knitting Kon-Mari. (Thanks, Vicki for this fantastic idea!) There are so many knitted things that I no longer wear (or never wore, if I am perfectly honest). These things need to either find a new home or discover a new life by either repurposing the item or repurposing the yarn!

This weekend was the Michigan Fiber Festival, which was kind of melancholy for me because Blogless Karen and I always went together. However, she came up with a fantastic idea – we are going to knit the shawl that Ann Hanson has in the latest Interweave Knits! It will be a little fall knit along we do and we are knitting it with the same yarn! Twinning in separate states is so much fun! Thanks, Karen for helping me feel like I was there, without being there!

How was your weekend?


Thursday Things

Thursday Things

On Being Cranky: As the heat and humidity stretch on unbearably, I am sitting here longing for a change. I am cranky pants at so many endless days of a closed up house, encased in air conditioning. And, when I say cranky pants – I mean really CRANKY PANTS! Perhaps, even more than a little verschimmelt, as my nana used to say.

Reading, reading, reading: I finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird and wow. How appropriate on so many levels. I really loved it, so much! It started out a bit slowly for me, but from about chapter 13 the book grabbed me and pulled me in and kept me engaged to the very last pages. I, like Jem and Scout, could not understand the guilty verdict. I am profoundly struck by how the more things change, the more they stay the same – and it is something that disturbs me greatly. If you never read this when you were in school – try it! I think you will enjoy it! And, today I will begin my last book for my Cover All and I am so excited! I had hoped that I could listen to Clara read it as I read along, but alas, there are still 3 people ahead of me at the library. So, I will read it solo first and then listen to Clara and see how that changes the dynamics of the story for me!


Knitting like the wind: I pulled one of the Jen Lucas shawls out of my basket (one that has a delicious autumn flair) I have plowed through the knitted on border (I had seriously less done than I thought, I was less than a quarter of the way through it, but after an afternoon’s worth of knitting I am about halfway done. My goal, finish this baby up today. This might be a bit ambitious because I think I will have to wind another skein of yarn… I am hoping not… yarn chicken makes for an exciting Thursday.


How is your week going, Gentle Reader?

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