Rainy days are for knitting

Rainy days are for knitting

Stillwater #1 is progressing, but it is obviously not a “4-day knit” for me, but I am moving in the right direction. I have one more repeat to do before I begin the bottom ribbing.

The rainy weekend we have on tap will enable lots of knitting time, which is a good thing so I can then get on to the sleeves and the front ribbing. This sweater needs to be done before I can cast on Stillwater #2. The Stillwater KAL begins next Friday, you still have swatching time!

I am going to swatch again with one larger size needle to see what that fabric looks like (bonus, if I like it, perhaps I can knit a smaller sized sweater which would help the speed of the knitting, right?)

I also need to work through Clue #2 for TTL MKAL. So, really, I don’t mind the rain at all!

I began listening to Lincoln in the Bardo today – so far, so much good!

There were a few lovely links this week:

I love when patterns have awesome names!

And, when they pair awesome name with multiple sizes (and awesome yarn!)

Quince put together a new collection of shawls. I especially love Beryl and Reiko.

A couple of cute cardigans caught my eye this week: Tanta and Hummelo

Fairy Dust is adorable!

Chest of Bone readers will love this collection. I especially love Larrimer’s Sweater!

Sometimes patterns evolve over time.

Did you love Peace Knitting? Do you miss it? Then you will be happy to see Eunomia! (It began yesterday, but I think you would be okay to begin today! AND, there is a discount code that will work through tonight!)

Finally, who besides me is like, how the heck is it the last weekend in June??? Umm, Summer? Can you slow down?? Please?

Here is to a long, slow summer weekend! Enjoy!

Gone Knittin’

Gone Knittin’

I had a few things to get done yesterday morning and then Steve and I took a bit of a walk out at Boyce Mayview. It was my first walk since my tumble and it went well, although a bit warm with the heat yesterday afternoon! And, I am happy to report that there are no ill effects this morning! Now if only my skinned knee and all the lovely bruises would fade away!

My reward for all that was to knit a bit last night. I did a few rows on Stillwater, but my main goal was to get KK’s MKAL cast on! I am through half of the repeats for the first clue. I hope to have this finished up quickly this morning so I can get back to that sweater!

For you Summer Knit-Alongers – how are things going? Have any of you like me, reset your knitting list? I do have one Montadale Sock almost done, the toe just needs to be kitchnered – the perfect thing to accompany happy hour, perhaps! Now, here’s the kicker – I know that I cast on with a different sized needle, however because I am so smart (NOT), I did not write down what I did. So, I will have to do a bit of trial and error in the casting on of sock two… Note to self: There are Ravelry notes for a reason, right?

Speaking of Happy Hour! I have a beverage to share with you all. Tonight, I am doing my take on this! Rather than bourbon, I am going to substitute Vanilla Crown tonight, I will let you know how it turns out!

Now, how about some links!

The Summer issue of Amirisu has some lovely patterns in it! Like this and this and this!

Corolla is lovely and on sale until Sunday.

And, finally this week, I was surprised that I had never seen any patterns before by Marie Greene (the Stillwater designer). I was pleasantly surprised with her selection in her ravelry store, but these really caught my eye:

That is all I have for this week, my knitting is calling! Have a great weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!

Friday Bird Watching

The past week we have watched a little (but feisty) brown wren decide he liked the cardinal house Steve’s mom gave me for Christmas was JUST what he needed for a nest. Some poor bird had previously begun building a nest in it but abandoned the idea. Well, enter this little wren – he spent last Friday and Saturday tossing out all the “old” nesting material and then began the “building” process. He has filled this nest and now he is singing and chattering to all the ladies that he has the perfect nest for her! I was even nice to brush Sherman this morning and leave her some choice Pug Down to line the nest! (In case you don’t know, Pug’s are the best pets ever except they shed VOLUMES year around, but Spring and Fall they are especially sheddy!) I feel like all I need is for David Attenborough narration.

On the knitting front, I have made little to no progress on anything. But, that is okay, because my reading that was derailed by the great mulch move, got back on track. Last night I finished The Likeness, watch for the review next week! Today, I hope to start Americanah.

Now, how about some links?

Knitty First Fall is up… and while I have not been impressed with much of late in Knitty, this time a couple of things did catch my eye. First up Romi has this and I love them! And, then Martina Behm has this interesting cowl.

Brooklyn Tweed Wool People 11 is out. There are so many gorgeous patterns there!

Mary shared this with me last week and I love it! It’s the perfect summer sweater!

This Old Shale cardi for big girls is adorable!

But, for me, this was the winner of the week. Stillwater is gorgeous and I have it on my list to swatch for this weekend. FYI, there is a coupon code that is good through Saturday!

Fellow Pittsburgh Knitter PAKnitWit (aka Sarah) has released her pattern for her Keremeia Cowl and she is having a little colorwork knit along in her Ravelry Group. Hint: I am participating and would love it if you did too!

That is all I have today except for this to close out Negroni Week! Enjoy your weekend, see you back here on Monday!

Inspiration Friday

Inspiration Friday

Some weeks it is a challenge to find a handful of good things to share with you, this was not one of those weeks.

I apologize in advance for Inspiration Overload and for increasing your knitting queue…

Okay, maybe not that last part! LOL

This week I messaged Kirsten Kapur on Ravelry letting her know that a good number of us were jonesing for her Summer MKAL (She says Hi, btw!)

NEVER FEAR, her MKAL is HERE! I did the dance of joy and instantly purchased the pattern, which is offered at a special price until June 15 when Clue #1 comes out! This year’s shawl is a two-color asymmetrical triangle and she recommends a solid or near solid for both colors!

Yesterday, I began the search for suitable yarns in my stash and imagine my insane surprise when I discovered that I have enough handspun yarn to knit the project. I know! I must get the gold singles plied, but I will get that done over the weekend. I had originally thought that the yarn would be nice as a singles yarn, but I think it will be much better plied up. I do not even remember who dyed this gorgeous golden BFL, but I love the richness of it. I do know that I got it at Michigan Fiber Festival a long time ago (Karen, do you remember this?) They grey yarn is some BFL from Briar Rose Fibers – there are hints of lavender and gold in the yarn.

I have been plugging away at my “sample” of Alex the Mouse knit from MillaMia cotton. I ran into a bit of a gauge problem on his ears (okay, more than a bit – a HUGE gauge problem!!) Apparently my stranding gauge when knitting flat is significantly different from plain stockinette. Thus, there was an almost 1 inch difference between my ear fronts and backs. Strangely, NO ONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM???    Huh? How the heck is that even possible? I was the first to even pose this as a problem in the Ravelry thread – and the KAL has been going on for almost a month! Anyway, my solution was to knit to fit the ear front. This means knitting row by row and carefully matching up front and back to determine how many increases to do, where to do the increases, how long to knit “straight”, and then repeat the process on the decreases. The match was still not exact, but I did manage to get the fronts and backs joined nicely. I will repeat this process on ear two. Then on to the legs, arms, and tail!

Finally, I present the long overdue Ekua socks (aka TTL Mystery Sock 2017) I am quite pleased with how they turned out. I LOVE the cabling and the overall sock construction.

Now, how about some links?

There were some great “littles” knits this week! Like the Old Shale Cardigan and Nemunoki. But I really love Cardigan EVA!

There were some great adult sweaters this week as well from the summery Shaelas Top or Linho. But, if you want to get a jump start on the perfect fall sweater – Telja is gorgeous!

For those of you who want to take on a bit of challenge knitting, Marie Wallin’s Fair Isle Club 3: Lerwick is open. But, wow the sweater is just gorgeous!

Free Your Fade – please note, a portion of the sales of this pattern will go to help Michele of the Republic of Wool who is having a bit of a medical crisis. There is also a gofundme account to help her.

Thea has a lovely new cowl using some new yarn from Jill Draper Makes Stuff

Kirsten Kapur also has a new wrap made from another new yarn from Jill! (Psst! The pattern is offered at a reduced price until June 8!!)

I love when a designer “makes a pattern new again” by knitting it with a new yarn… just like KK did here with Moody Kerchief. The original yarn is no longer available and I think it looks great knit out of Luma! Also, “Simple stitch patterns make the Moody Kerchief a breeze to knit.” What more can you ask for. Oh and this is knit with a DK yarn… just saying!

Need a stash buster? Gryer fits the bill!

Finally, Saint Laurent (which is FREE!) is knit from a lovely linen lace weight yarn. But, this could be easily worked in any number of yarns.

That is all I have, Gentle Reader, have an awesome weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!

Last Friday in May…

Last Friday in May…

…First weekend of summer!

Where has May gone? I mean really! Next week is June? What!?

Start your Knitting – Summer Knit-Along kicks off tomorrow! And, because rules are really not much fun – it is a go at your own pace, knit what you want to knit, make your own rules Knit-Along. And if you want to start today – go for it! If you started last week, good for you, if you are not starting until next week – perfect! No stress…really!

Hopefully, you have a good book queued up because if Book Bingo starts tomorrow – and books you are reading now count, as long as you don’t finish until tomorrow! I have Moby Dick in a hold pattern to finish tomorrow! Great way to start Book Bingo, right? If you don’t have a card, or you are not sure you want to have a planned summer of reading, I will borrow some sage advice from my dear friend Caroleit’s your bingo card, so your rules! And, you might want to add something from Bill Gates Summer Book List.

Now, my summer knit along always includes a cocktail on Friday’s so I will occasionally share one here (but I will always share one in the Ravelry group!) And, today seems like the perfect day to do that! And, what better to usher in summer than some gin! This Cucumber Basil Gin and Tonic looks so good (I have no elderflower liqueur in the house, so mine will be made without however if you have it, use it! And, my gin choice for this one – Hendrick’s!)

There you have the makings for the perfect start of summer weekend – knitting, reading, and a beverage!

Now, how about some links?

  • In the “not knitting category” but absolutely linkworthy:  Trump Snooze
  • This pattern will be released on Monday, and it looks very intriguing!
  • Lorilee Beltman has a new mitten pattern! Because, mittens and summer – right? LOL Well, perhaps you want to start your gift knitting!
  • Why don’t I have a little black shawl? Perhaps I am kicking something off my list to add this…
  • Mint Latte – shawl construction FTW!
  • In the Free, but wait, it’s cute too category: Hibiscus
  • Freer (wait what…lol – for some reason Grammar check did not like “More Free”) and even cuter: Spots & Stripes
  • In the “looking for another country” category for those of us on embarrassment overload here in the US – OH CANADA (and, wait for it… it’s free too!)
  • Saltmeadow – simple, but stunning. (And, Gale’s photos!!)
  • Now, this might be perfect if you want to knit new projects this summer – Happiness Make Along (it starts June 1st!)
  • And, finally: TUK which is so cute! Every grandchild needs one!

Now, have a fantastic weekend. I will see you back here on Monday!

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