Friday!  Specifically, my final Friday of unemployment!

As of Monday we will no longer be the “Home of the Gainfully Unemployed”.

Huge sigh of relief here, I can most certainly tell you!

It is also the final Friday of March – and here in West Michigan Frosty Winter is not giving up easily.  We had another inch of snow last night.  I am wishing for the Finish of Winter.  Even more I am yearning for the arrival of spring.  We have had fleeting moments with her, just enough to give us all a dose of Spring Fever!

F is also for felines – specifically felines who are foto-shy.  Excuse my  spelling, but I am in need of “f” words for the ABC Along!  I tried all week to get pictures of Maddie and Noel – and all I can say is that my cats are not like Crazy Aunt Purl’s cats at all.  I show you my best attempt!

Just seconds prior to this, she was laying next to Copper – it was a cute moment.  And, as for Noel, she sees the camera and disappears!

F is also for Flowers – Spring Flowers!  Here is one of the Tulips that the kids got me for Easter!

They are just gorgeous and a nice reminder of what is soon to come here in Holland – millions of tulips!  A truly lovely sight!

F is also for the Fibery Friend!  Sandy and Budd brought her to me as a thank you for taking care of Katie for them.  Don’t you just love her???  Oh, and the black and white photo behind her?  Yes, it is me (on the left) and my sister.  We were stylin’ babes, weren’t we???   Pixie hair cuts, sun glasses and jeans with big red patches on the knees.  Yowza, hot mammas, for sure!!

And finally – F is for this….


I introduce you all to Frederic Chopin – my new wheel.  As you can see it is the Kromski Sonata.  I sold Alice to a well deserving friend and welcomed to my home Freddie!  I am truly a Kromski girl.  I truly love the craftsmanship of their wheels.  And, for me, they spin like a dream!  Plus, I now have a bag to pack my wheel in for those times I need to travel to classes or spinning evenings with friends.  See what I have been working on… some gorgeous silk in summerly colors.  I know, I know – I need to remember to move my fiber around.  The problem is when Freddie gets going I am mesmerized by his song!

So there is my F entry for the Final Friday in March – have a great weekend all!

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