Hello Blog Friends!

Please don’t fall off your chairs, but yes, it seems that I can find the time to post more than once a month!! Will wonders never cease. What I do wish is that on my days off I would not have a gajillion bloglines to catch up on. Oy. I am woefully behind on all that is happening in your lives!! It is a sad state of affairs indeed.

I am still electrified from my visit to Spinner’s Mecca last weekend and I have been enjoying my “10 Minute Spinning” breaks each day.  I am telling you, that 10 minutes is better than any yoga for calming my mind and body.  I got some silk hankies and I have been spinning them on my supported spindle in bed.  Mmmm, a new-found treat – spinning in bed!

On my agenda for today is to get this house whipped into shape.  I am craving some orderliness in my life and this house is not helping.  I did some major de-junking last week so the finishing this weekend should be a bit easier!  It is amazing how freeing it is to get rid of stuff!  I am going to stay on that path today and liberate the kitchen from all of it’s unnecessary clutter.  You will hear me singing “Free at Last” later on today!

This is my “weekend” and I am thrilled it is here!  Tomorrow I go for student orientation at GRCC and I am equally excited about that.  I will find out how many of my 23 credits will transfer over.  Nursing school, here I come!  The journey is beginning!

I don’t know how many of you have discovered Plurking – but if you have, here is me on Plurk – come find me there!

Have a great day, whatever day of the week it is for you!

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