Ort Number One:

Last week I took a little trip to see a friend whom I have been missing – she is the Mistress of Mecca and I had a truly incredible afternoon and evening!

I went to see her because Denny put a bug in my ear about taking a class in April that some famous person was teaching and I was game for the idea but, alas, I was lacking the tools needed to take said class. I had been doing some clandestine research on this very thing for some months, so imagine my surprise with Denny’s invitation! Anyway, I figured I had better go to Mecca and see what Beth could show me and did she show me!! It did not take long at all for me to succumb to the Siren Song and before I knew it, I was at warp speed! In less than 8 hours, my first project completed and I was itching for more!

Gina by you.

I am now proud to be sharing my home with the lovely Gina Lollobrigida!

DSCF1138 by you.

Here is my first project – woven with some of my very first handspun Corriedale. It is soft and so warm! And LONG – and did I tell you all that I had this done in less than 8 hours??? Um, yeah… just sinful!

DSCF1141 by you.

Seriously, don’t you love how this shawl pin matches perfectly? This was a find on my travels somewhere – it is an antique button. The pattern on the scarf – a simple twill pattern. Weaving is bliss, I am telling you, pure bliss!

Ort Number Two:

I have reached the four-month point in my rotator cuff surgery recovery and I am happy to say that The Most Amazing and Incredible Orthopedic Surgeon in North America deemed me a success! In fact, he said that he wishes all his patients did as well as I did. It was lots of work and I am finishing my physical therapy but I have full range of virtually pain free motion! I truly feel better than new and I am thrilled beyond belief to return to my normal duties at work starting on Friday night! The only issue I was having is some pesky muscle spasms but Adonis the Physical Therapist has given me a lovely little TENS unit and, low and behold, I did not want a new drug – just give me some Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation and I am one happy girl! Even better, my shoulder is happy!! Life is very, very good indeed.

Ort Number Three:

For those of you who have followed my blog are aware that a daughter that I released for adoption a long time ago has contacted me. Well, I got an email this week about planning for a trip. Yes, it seems that what I have been dreaming about for almost a lifetime is going to come to fruition – I will be meeting this amazing young woman and her even more amazing mother next month. I am walking on air with my head in the clouds. There will be more news to follow, so stay tuned!

Ort Number Four:

The Spinner’s Flock is this weekend and you can be sure that I will be trekking over to spend the day with the Triumvirate of Naughty for a day of Moistness to the Nth Degree! I am dragging planetKnit along for her Induction to True Fiber Frenzy…if you are all lucky, I will have photos to share!

Ort Number Five:

New coffee table book – “Beautiful Sheep” my very biased review is that this is pure erotica for anyone who loves long wools… I myself feel the need for some Lincoln, oh my!

DSCF1127 by you.

And with that, Gentle Reader, I am off to release my inner Domestic Diva so that I can spend the remainder of the day sans guilt working on my February Lady Sweater!

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