In a few short days, June will be over and July will be upon us, and what does July bring? The end to my allergies that is what! The Cottonwood trees have finished pollinating and the Catalpa trees blooms are dropping like flies!

Ahhh, I am ready to breathe pollen free air once again!

In addition, hopefully July will usher in more warm weather, the sunny days of summer, and the celebration of July 4.

One very big event happens every July as well. It is a competition in which the participant’s goal is to wear the coveted yellow jersey!

That is right; July brings us the Tour de Fleece!

Yes, you read that right, the Tour de Fleece.

That is right from July 4 through the 26th I will be spinning with Team Suck Less!

suck less by kelrota.

And, let me tell you Lance’s come back will pale in comparison to what this team will accomplish under the leadership of Abby Franquemont and Beth Smith – I have been training and feel confident that I am going to make the team goal of spinning a mile of fiber, that is 1760 yards of yarn people – in one day! Really, the goal is to spin 2 miles and ply the same, totaling the daunting number of 3 miles, in 24 hours!

This competition, like the Tour de France, is not for the faint of heart!

I shall pick a day sometime between the fourth and the finish to attempt my challenge; I have not yet determined what day I will make my move!

The goal of the Tour is to improve our spinning skill.

Take it to a new level.

Suck less!

Therefore, even on workdays I am going to spend a few minutes spinning!

Are you a spinner wishing for improvement?

There is still time to join us! You will find us here on Ravelry, and here in blog form.

You too could suck less!

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