In my ongoing attempt to provide you humor for your day I was helpless to share with you all my latest and greatest in the ever elusive search for gainful employment.

As you may, or may not, be aware I live in a state with an inordinate number of Fellow Gainfully Unemployed Souls. Yes, while unemployment nationwide checked in at 10% at year end, Michigan weighed in at a whopping14.6%.

So, with dozens, if not hundreds, of applicants for almost every job I have applied for it becomes a challenge to stand out in the Sea of Unemployed.

But, I try.

What follows is my latest foray, shared here for you all. Seriously, I can’t make this shit up people.

I had an interview with a local fast food chain yesterday for an entry level position.

Yes, you read that right; an entry level position.

So, I did what every good applicant does before an interview.

Or so I thought…

I cleaned myself up.

You know shower, shave, put on clean and pressed clothing, etc. All in an attempt to look “professional” rather than just another desperate hack trying to scramble to the top of the dung heap!

My endeavor was apparently not appreciated because my interviewer was less than impressed with me, and he was more than willing, if not eager, to share his thoughts on the matter, and I quote:

“You are grossly over-qualified….and it would be helpful if you looked like you could actually ‘do’ the work required. This is a job where you actually have to work hard and you have frankly wasted my time.”

It appears I have been banished by the SubNazi.

Evidently you need to be Dumber than a Box of Rocks, dress like Clem Kadiddlehopper, and possess the strength of Hercules to make subs.

Who knew.

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