I have found my Knitter’s Waterloo much to my chagrin.

I am admitting defeat, waving the white flag, throwing in the towel – or shawl as maybe the case in this instance.

I have cast on and now frogged for the third and last time Knitty’s Annis.

My heart hurts and my pride stings.

The nupps were not my downfall, my fiber choice was.

Sea Silk just is not my friend. Gauge was not my friend in this piece either, as I could not maintain a consistent gauge with the Sea Silk.

I am in awe of knitters like Amy Singer who can knit amazing creations with Sea Silk.

I love how the yarn looks…the color way is gorgeous. I hate how it feels in my hands as I knit it. I hate how it feels knitted up.

The reality is simple this I am a wool girl. I love how it feels, I love how it smells, and more importantly, I know what it is going to do when I knit it.

So much for a breezy summer knit gracing my needles this summer.

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