It is Tuesday and that means Carole has sent out a challenge for our Ten on Tuesday post!

Today it is a fantastic one: 10 Best Things You Did in November, so without further ado here is my list!

  1. I blogged every day, completing a successful NaBloPoMo!
  2. I used my camera every day and I have a new favorite lens as a result!
  3. I “figured out” how to do my shorter hair and it only took a couple of weeks!
  4. I did some of the best spinning and, more importantly, the best plying I have ever done! 
  5. I grew my weaving skills and gave myself permission to make many mistakes without stressing over them!
  6. I finished some knitting projects, even if they were small ones!
  7. I made nine quarts of turkey stock and four turkey pot pies with Thanksgiving leftovers!
  8. I got all my Christmas decorating done, freeing up December for finishing the few “me-made” Christmas gifts on my list!
  9. Finding .98¢ poinsettia’s and a $6 orchid on my only venture out on “Black Friday” (and there was practically no one at Home Depot!)
  10. Finding a true connection with yoga, I feel like my day is just not right if I do not do yoga.

I think these are some very good “bests” for my November!

Happy 10 on Tuesday, Gentle Reader!

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