Carole knows that Christmas is fast approaching and for this 10 on Tuesday, she wants to know everything we enjoy about the Holiday season, well at least 10 of our most enjoyable things!

This is perhaps one of my favorite times of the year and selecting just ten items is a challenge for me! But, here is my Top Ten list of things to ramp up your enjoyment of the holidays! If you are lacking in Christmas Cheer, get this list going in your life ASAP!

    1. Christmas carols – I know many radio stations are now starting uber-early in November with carol playing, but I have several Christmas Play List’s that I queue on the Sonos. I love to start listening after Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect way get in the mood for the onslaught of…
    2. Christmas decorations. In. Every. Room!
    3. Watching the original “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” with Boris Karloff. AND
    4. A Charlie Brown Christmas with the fantastic music by the late Vince Guaraldi. The best!
    5. Eggnog (especially with some brandy and freshly grated nutmeg!)
    6. Reading Christmas books, especially the ones from when my kids were little!
    7. Sending Christmas cards, which this year will be exponentially improved by the use of my Lamy Safari filled with J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor 1670 Anniversary ink!
    8. Christmas cookie baking (which will begin next week) Followed immediately by…
    9. Christmas cooking eating!
    10. Christmas gifting, including Christmas knitting!

My list could go on and on for there are so many things that make my Christmas most enjoyable! However, if I could add one more thing, it would be a wish that there would be peace on earth and goodwill among all the people who inhabit this earth – not only at Christmas but for every day of the year!

There you have my list of enjoyment; now tell me what is on yours!

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