This time of year brings lots of increased activity, especially on the weekends, so normal weekend tasks go right out the window. I don’t mind the activity, but a jam-packed weekend makes  for a Monday that is more unpalatable than usual.

This weekend was one that will make Monday a challenge. All. Day. Long.

And, since most of the “regular weekend tasks” were largely ignored, I am starting today with a to-do list that is monumental. Queue the super-grande coffee with an extra dose of caffeine and some Christmas music turned up loud to get this Monday started!

But, before I jump head first in to Monday, here is all the fun that the weekend was!

 Frosted Lamb’s Ears
Holly sans ivy

We had our first hard frosts here over the weekend, which afforded me some nice photo opportunities with my early birthday present! Frosted Lamb’s Ears were so beautiful and the Holly (minus the Ivy) were edged in frost as well!

On Saturday, we headed downtown to see the tree and visit the Market Square shops. The tree was lovely and the enlarged ice rink was busy! I was disappointed in the shops at Market Square – it was a complete repeat of the shops as last year, include identical merchandise. I did manage to find one small item for a certain special little girl, but all in all it was not worth the visit.

However, we enjoyed an amazing lunch at NOLA On the Square. In the worth it category, it tops the list! The French Onion soup was divine. Seriously, angels were singing it was that good.


And speaking of singing…I sang in my Christmas Choir Concert, which was a gathering of voices from three area churches. It was so much fun to sing in such a large group of voices. So worth all the extra effort in rehearsals in the weeks leading up to the concert. However, I am glad that it is over as it consumed all of Sunday. (Thanks StevoFC for getting this brief video clip! iPhone FTW!!)

Well, Gentle Reader, I can avoid Monday no longer.

Queue the music and let’s get this party started!

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